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At Sutherland Weston, our team has been fielding questions from businesses across many industries as our community adapts and pivots to best accommodate the recent changes and mandates as a result of COVID-19.

In an effort to help as many businesses as we can and create a community for those impacted, we have launched a Facebook Community Group. The goal of this group is to provide marketing advice and resources, share ideas among members, and support one another.

We’ve compiled various resources below and will be updating this page with additional information from our team as well as our community partners and leaders.

Community Resources and Surveys

City of Bangor Reopening Resources

The City of Bangor continues to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Significant coordination continues among city departments, the Maine CDC, local healthcare providers, and other partners.

Downtown Bangor Curbside and Home Delivery List

To support Downtown retailers through social distancing measures, Downtown Bangor Partnership has published a list of Downtown retailers who provide online or phone orders, even gift certificates, during the promoted social distancing.

Check out the list!

Transitioning from full service, dine-in establishments, to takeout and delivery

Following the need for many operations to transition from full service, dine-in establishments, to takeout and delivery only – we’ve gathered 4 industry experts to discuss 5 important topics.

    1. The Transition to Takeout & Delivery Only
    2. What to Sell / Effective Menu Planning
    3. Takeout Packaging
    4. Effective Messaging to Your Customers
    5. Maximizing Your Labor & Resources

These videos are unbranded and free for anyone to use wherever they like:

Learning Resources

Practical Marketing Information

We have complied a list of Practical Pitch blog articles to help businesses and organizations right now with the following topics:

  • Transition to have a more digital presence
  • Get your message seen and heard
  • Social media video tips
  • Email marketing

Read them here.


What Topics and Resources Would You Like to See?

Do you have questions about certain marketing topics? Are there any marketing and business resources or guides you would like to see us put out?

Fill out the form below to let us know how to better serve you as we update resources here, add information and tips to our Facebook Community Group, and send out our weekly email newsletter.

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